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Thursday, May 25, 2000

7:00 and I am sitting in Dave's house typing away while he prepares files for me to somehow mangle into a web page.

But that's not what I wanted to talk about.

No, today's subject is quite different. At the request of my fellow blogger Robotgirl, I will be relating the amazing tale of Impeachment Guy!

I don't know if that's his rightful title, but it does seem to be the one thing consistent about his message.

First, a bit about him. He's an asian gentleman in his forties (I estimate) who wears sunglasses, a well-worn (although still semi-respectable) suit and tie, and who walks with a slight limp. He also carries a sign.

The sign is the distinguishing feature. It's one of those "The end of the world is coming"-type signs, except that it does not proclaim the end of the world. Oh no, it proclaims something much different.

Impeachment guy has been around for a while--shortly after I started working downtown. Maybe before, but I didn't notice him then. At any rate, I see him from time to time during the week walking around downtown, carrying his sign for all to see.

The sign reads "Impeach Clinton" on the first line. After that, what it says varies.

Early versions were more straight. I think what it said after "Impeach Clinton" was actually relevant to the impeachment of Clinton, and/or called for the impeachment of not only Clinton but some of his associates.

Then it started getting weird.

The best of the early ones was:

Impeach Clinton
Bush, Reagan
Carter, Nixon

To this day I'm not sure why he skipped Ford. This was followed by:

Impeach Clinton
Washington, Jefferson
Franklin, Fillmore

Then, Impeachment Guy's already loose screw seems to have completely come out. Denizens of The City awoke to find Impeachment Guy walking among them with a sign that read:

Impeach Clinton
Twelve Galaxies
Guiltied to a Zegnatronic
Rocket Society

He carried this one for some time. Then, he upgraded. Up to this point the signs had always been white paper with black marker, stapled or glued on to the thin plywood that served as the board. The new sign was black, with machine-printed lettering in different colors. Smaller lettering too. The only change was that "Zegnatronic" was changed to "Technotronic". Clearly a change for the worse.

A few months ago, it appeared that impeachment guy had sold out. I saw him parading around with a sign bearing the logo and name of "learnit.com", a local business. It was a sad, sad day, but fortunately, this was short-lived, and the Technotronic sign came back.

This week, he seems to have gotten his groove back. With little sticky letters covering the "Techno", the Twelve Galaxies, were, as of monday, guiltied to an Omegatronic Rocket Society.

Better yet, on wednesday, using similar technology, it appeared that it was a Sextronic Rocket Society.

All signs point to a marked improvement in the value to society of Impeachment Guy, and with any luck, his creativity will continue.

More bulletins as events warrant.
posted by Benjamin Brown 5/25/2000 7:23:57 PM

Wednesday, May 31, 2000

No new news on Impeachment Guy.


Thursday, June 1, 2000

I appear to have made a mistake in filling out my tax return.

For some reason, the U.S. Govt. has sent me a check for $1974.00, which I wasn't expecting.

According to a CPA of my acquaintance, they would not have done that unless they figured I'd made a mistake.

At any rate, this, combined with my $10.00 state tax refund, is a nice addition to my Cash On Hand.

In other news, today Impeachment Guy's banner features an "Octronic" rocket society. More on this startling development later.
posted by Benjamin Brown 6/1/2000 9:01:40 AM

Wednesday, June 21, 2000

Woo! A friend of a boyfriend of a cow-orker (or something like that) has Pictures of Impeachment Guy (whose name is apparently "Frank") available for viewing. See first-hand this amazing San Francisco citizen.
posted by Benjamin Brown 6/21/2000 10:25:06 AM

Monday, June 26, 2000

Update! Last friday morning, it was a Megatronic Rocket Society. The world celebrates.

O'er the weekend, I went to see Chicken Run, which was a lot of fun. I also continued taking care of the hamsters, who at one point I'll need to get pictures of, since they're very cute.
posted by Benjamin Brown 6/26/2000 10:02:23 AM

Monday, July 17, 2000

This was a good weekend.

Saturday, I went downtown for to do some activity that never happened. A friend of mine told me it was to occur at Union Square (which is downtown in San Francisco). I never found it, after wandering around Union Square for about half an hour. Activities there included a band which was attempting to play a) "In the Mood" without benefit of a horn section, and "Johnny B. Goode" without benefit of a quality lead guitarist.

But things got better from there. I dropped by the NOC to say hi, and because the electronic leash of death beeped.

On the way I saw the Impeachment Guy. It's now an Ultralogical Rocket Society.


posted by Benjamin Brown 7/17/2000 8:35:37 AM

Wednesday, July 19, 2000

Today is my birthday.

I have a batch of presents at home waiting for me to open.

I bought some more housing material for the hamsters last night.

Also, the "logical" is gone, and the it's back to being an "Ultratronic Rocket Society"
posted by Benjamin Brown 7/19/2000 2:23:22 PM

Thursday, July 27, 2000

I'm off to Buffalo for the weekend. My best friend from elementary school is getting married.

It's been kind of a hectic week, preparing for this, and I get the joy of getting on a plane bloody early tomorrow.

Impeachment Guy has been named "Best Protestor" in the annual "Best of the Bay" issue of the Bay Guardian. Congrats to Frank. The print version has a nice picture of him with yet another type of something-tronic rocket society on his placard.
posted by Benjamin Brown 7/27/2000 8:56:44 AM

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